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What to Look in an Chair

Sitting for hours on end in an office chair can be a real pain in the neck (and back) if the chair is uncomfortable. Even if you don’t suffer from pain when sitting you could be suffering from discomfort, and there is an endless amount of research that proves sitting for long periods of time in a poor posture due to an uncomfortable and unsupportive chair can lead to back pain.

Office chairs come in all shapes, sizes (mid back and high back) and colors and trying to choose the right office chair can be like trying to buy a macaroon in a French patisserie – how do you choose the best one? Often the best-looking ones are the worst option.

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Guide on How to Choose a Chair

1. Adjustability

While selecting an ergonomic office chair, you need to pay a closer look to the adjustability of the chair. A chair being adjustable means that you can be able to achieve all levels of comfort. What happens when you are tall? Sometimes the average height may feel comfortable, but as time proceeds, you may see the need to adjust the height a little bit more. The manufacturers have specified dimensions. Check ones that fit your height.

2. The right fit

Walk through any office and you’ll see people of vastly different sizes and proportions. Chairs have adjustable parts so they can be fitted to each user’s shape and size.

But beware – these days some ergonomic chairs come with adjustable everything. Heck – you just about need a licence to drive them! And therein lies the problem.

If adjustments aren’t easy and obvious to use, then people don’t use them. And if people don’t adjust their chair to fit them, they won’t get the benefits of the support. They won’t find the chair comfortable, and they may end up with an injury as a result.

3. Easy Rolling

Even though you’re shopping online for your office chair, you can always discover via product reviews if a chair can roll easily, one of Gold’s essential components for an office chair for back pain. She says, “The chair should be able to roll easily so that someone can move as close to their work surface as they need to be for comfort, visibility and ergonomics. Check the construction and suitability of its casters for your type of flooring surface.”

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