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Novelty Contact Lenses: Make Your Fashion Statement

In the past, a person's eye color was determined by genetics at birth and the individual was destined to live with the same eye color for the rest of their life. With modern-day ophthalmology, however, this is no longer necessary. People now have the choice to alter their eye color in literally one second, through the beautiful invention of colored contact lenses. With color contact lenses, eye color has become as much of a physical fashion accessory as changing the color of your eyeshadow, lipstick or having tattoos or body piercings.

Types of contact lenses

Colored eye contacts can be classified by the type of tint they are designed in. The tints available that actually change eye color include enhancement, color, and light-filtering. Enhancement tints are slightly colored tints that are used just like its namesake suggests: to enhance the eye color that one was born with. Color tints, on the other hand, completely change one's eye color. They are darker than enhancement tints and are available in a wide range of colors – both natural and unnatural shades.


There is a wide range of colored contact brands in the market, however, we advise you to stick to a brand that you have heard of and that can be recommended by a licensed optometrist.  Improper use of contact lenses or cheaply manufactured contact lenses can cause serious eye problems. In extreme cases, contact lenses may even cause blindness.

One such brand to consider is FreshlookFreshlook also offers a wide range of colored contact lenses for individuals who do not necessarily require lenses for eyesight purposes but are looking to give themselves a ‘fresh look’ with a set of different colored eyes. There are three options when it comes to choosing Freshlook colored contact lenses:

  • Freshlook Radiance - lenses with an illuminating effect that enhances your color and makes your eyes appear sparkly.
  • Freshlook Dimensions - unique lens design makes your eyes appear not only brighter but also creates the impression of depth and dimension.
  • Freshlook Colorblends- choose them if you're feeling adventurous and want a dramatic change to your look. 

If it is your first time with color contact lenses and you aren't sure what effect you want, start with enhancement lenses. This way your friends will notice that you look more appealing, but they probably won't notice what it is about you that attracts their attention.

As long as you choose the right brand, color contact lenses can help you make the perfect fashion statement or can simply give you a different look.

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