What You Should Know About Jackets

It’s that season of the year when the climate turns fresh and a chill echo through the air. Finally, outerwear is in. The right coat acts as an icing on the cake; it also offers a great look with an additional layer of style. But the biggest question is what type of coats to wear?

It’s almost winter and coats will be in use. Any coat ought to keep you from transforming into a human icicle, but staying warm, dry, and fashionable at the same time is somewhat more complicated. Prevailing fashions, by definition, go back and forth.

Rather than concentrating on the trends of the day, we’ve centered our consideration on 6 coat styles that have stood the trials of time.

1. Bomber Jackets

Also known as a flight jacket, a bomber jacket is a short, durable jacket with a zippered front and fitted or elastic waist and cuffs. The style originates from the US Air Force, where it was worn by flight crew members. Today, however, the bomber jacket is beloved by men of all professions. Perfect for a range of casual ensembles, this jacket is comfortable and highly versatile. While traditional bomber jackets are leather, the style now also commonly appears in nylon and other materials.

2. Leather Jacket

Let’s start with the basic type first – The leather jacket!

This is the type of jacket that comes in handy when you want to keep your style casual yet edgy; or when you are not in the mood to put in a lot of effort in your outfit but still want to appear super stylish.

The best part of a leather jacket is that it comes in a plethora of variants that choosing “the one” that also matches your fashion sense won’t end up being a chore!

3. Biker Jacket

The Biker Jacket is more popularly known as the Leather Jacket. This close-fitted piece of garment is not only worn for protective purposes in winter but also because it is highly iconic in the sense of fashion for days when one is feeling a bit rebellious. Leather Jackets is available in wide ranges of color; however, the black and various shades of brown dyed Leather Jackets dominate the market. Since motorcyclists heavily wear this type of jacket, it got the name Biker Jacket.

4. Quilted jackets

As the name suggests, quilted means any way of running a stitching. It can be done either in a decorative way or in a straight way, but it will combine two or more layers of cloth. Quilted jackets are usually light in weight. So, you can easily carry it along with you for your travel purposes. These types of jackets for men or women provide enough warmth when worn in chilly places. Plus, they won’t take much space in your luggage.

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